• $512.00$538.95

    Fire Magic 5520-12T, 1-Hour Stainless Steel Double Timer Box

    • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel offers long-lasting protection.
    • This manual rotary timer allows time setting up to one hour with an auto shutoff.
  • $65.00$68.42

    Fire Magic 3573, Grill Top Thermometer

    • Durable Construction – 304 stainless steel construction ensures a durable, quality product
    • Large Temperature Display – Large easy to read display monitors the temperature of your grill
  • $194.00$204.21

    Fire Magic 3561, Smoker Box

    • Stainless Steel Construction – Solid 304 stainless steel construction provides long lasting durability
    • Flavor Enhancer – Designed specifically to introduce wonderful smoky flavor while grilling on a gas grill
  • $373.00$392.63

    Fire Magic 3572, 15” Wok (Hard Anodized w/ S. S. Cover)


    Hard-anodized stick-resistant lined interior surface measures 14” in diameter.

  • $439.00$462.11

    Fire Magic 3570 Turkey Frying Pot Kit (26 Qt. with Basket & Thermometer)


    You’ll be amazed at how tender a deep-fried turkey can be. Kit includes pot, an inner basket with a sturdy handle, and a thermometer probe. Great as a crab or corn pot.

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