• $720.00$757.89

    FireMagic 24″ Firemaster Drop-In Charcoal Grill

    • The firemaster drop-in grill is designed to drop into the top of your island
    • Adjustable charcoal pans
    • Fire Magic delivers quality and style to the charcoal grill enthusiast
  • $303.00$318.95

    Firemagic E790s (-71) Protective Cover (Portable Model)



    • weather resistant multi-layer
    • Custom made
    • Breathable Polyester interior
  • $115.00$121.05

    Firemagic Deluxe Legacy 11-S1S1N-A Protective Cover (Built-In Grill Model)

    • weather resistant multi-layer
    • Custom made for Fire Magic Grills
    • Breathable Polyester interior
  • $315.00$331.58

    Firemagic E790s Protective Cover (Portable Model)


    Firemagic E790 Protective Cover (Built-in Model)

  • From: $13,065.26 $12,412.00

    FireMagic Echelon Diamond E790i Built-in Grills with Digital & Analog Thermometer, Available in Both Window & Non-window

    • The FireMagic Echelon Diamond E790i Built-in Grill is the ultimate choice for outdoor grilling, featuring sleek lines, a contoured face and state-of-the-art technology.
    • This high-end grill has a total cooking surface area of 792 sq. in. with an additional warming rack of 288 sq. in., allowing you to cook plenty of food at once.
    • It features 96,000 BTUs of power from its main burners and 13,000 BTUs from its backburner, giving it plenty of power to cook your meal quickly and evenly.
    • To make things even better, it also includes diamond sear cooking grids made from cast stainless steel, flavor grids to enhance your flavors, and angled halogen internal lights so you can see how your food is progressing without having to open the lid.
    • It also comes equipped with a 90-degree double walled hood that helps keep heat inside the grill while providing greater heat retention than standard single walled hoods; as well as comfort touch polished knobs for easy control over cooking temperatures; and an analog thermometer for optimal temperature monitoring throughout the entire cooking process.
  • $512.00$538.95

    Fire Magic 5520-12T, 1-Hour Stainless Steel Double Timer Box

    • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel offers long-lasting protection.
    • This manual rotary timer allows time setting up to one hour with an auto shutoff.

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